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American Sign Language Course Update

An update from Dr. Karen Kirk, Department Head for the Department of Speech and Hearing Science, about courses in American Sign Language.

Due to budgetary challenges and the retirement of one of the long time ASL instructors, the Department of Speech and Hearing Science was unable to offer SHS 121 American Sign Language 1 for spring 2018. The department will begin a search to replace that ASL instructor in the near future. Due to the timing of the search, we do not anticipate having a second ASL instructor in place for fall 2018.  The pending sections for SHS 121 in fall 2018 will soon be canceled so that students will not be able to register for it.  We anticipate offering SHS 121 again in spring 2019. The remaining courses in the ASL sequence (SHS 221 American Sign Language 2, SHS 222 Language and Culture of Deaf Communities, and SHS 321 American Sign Language 3) will be offered in fall 2018 and spring 2019.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this you may contact Dr. Kirk directly at: kikirk@illinois.edu.

If students wish to enroll in either SHS 221 or SHS 321 for the fall semester they will need to complete an online form to request that they be put on a wait list for either of these classes. Each section of these courses will be listed as closed with a message below each section that will prompt them to fill out the form. The link to the URL is not presently listed but it will be timed to go live in time for registration. If there are any questions about the wait list for the ASL classes these should be directed to Andrea Paceley (apaceley@illinois.edu) in the SHS office.

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