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The SPRING of Academics

With Spring Break just around the corner, we’re all excited to get out of here! You probably already have plans made for the break, but have you made plans for your academics? Spring break is a great time to relax, but it’s also a time to catch up on your work if you’ve fallen behind […]

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American Sign Language Course Update

An update from Dr. Karen Kirk, Department Head for the Department of Speech and Hearing Science, about courses in American Sign Language. Due to budgetary challenges and the retirement of one of the long time ASL instructors, the Department of Speech and Hearing Science was unable to offer SHS 121 American Sign Language 1 for […]

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Internships and Co-ops: What I Learned

By: Henry Czajkowski As you get farther into your degree as a Chemical Engineering or Chemistry major, you will likely be wondering about internships and co-ops and have lots of questions. Questions like “What’s the difference between an internship and a Co-op?”, “When should I be looking?”, “Can I do one as a freshman?”  Having […]

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