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Study Tip #2 Pomodoro Technique to Stay on Task

When you have a problem staying on task studying for finals, the Pomodoro technique can help. We suggest that instead of the traditional 25-minute sessions that you use a 30 to 40-minute session and as a part of an intense study session. This will help you keep on track but you have to eliminate any […]

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Finals Study Breaks and Support!

Finals Study Breaks and Support! Various Times and Locations Dec. 8-16 Need a study break during finals? Check out one of the many study breaks across campus. Good luck on finals! Dec. 4-16: The Undergraduate Library will be open 24/7 during finals. As always, the lower level is quiet study only. Additionally, the UGL will have […]

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EU and Globalization Class

EU and Globalization is a course taught in Vienna, Austria by Professor Bruce Murray, Illinois in Vienna Program Resident Director. The course explores internal and external factors feeding perceptions of crisis in the European Union. Instruction begins with an introduction to the peculiarities of EU governance, then focuses on key issues confronting EU policymakers: persistent […]

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