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KEP Program

Keeping the Ezra Promise: Any Person, Any Study What:REU-style summer research program Housing and stipend provided When:Summer 2018 (June to August) Where:Cornell University Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Who: No experience required. Students interested in graduate school at sophomore level and above encouraged to apply. Apply: Please submit a resume and cover letter by […]

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Dealing with Rejection

Tis the season. No, not the holiday season (winter break is over, we need to accept that), but rejection season. The spring semester is filled with applying to graduate school, summer internships, full-time jobs (for those of us graduating), or even just a summer job at home. But with all of those applications inevitably comes […]

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James Scholar Preble Research Scholarship

Current Junior or Senior James Scholars involved in a research project during Spring and Summer of 2018 are encouraged to apply for the James Scholar Preble Research Scholarship! The purpose of these funds is to provide incentive and support to outstanding James Scholars involved in undergraduate research (e.g., Department Distinction projects, research projects, etc.). Junior […]

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