Current UIUC Students Wanting to Transfer (ICT) to SCS Majors

If you are currently a UIUC student and wish to transfer into an School of Chemical Sciences (SCS) curriculum including Chemistry or Chemical Engineering, or add us as your second major, please see the information below (if you are off-campus, please see our ‘Prospective Students‘ section).

SCS Major Information Session

Current Illinois undergraduates who wish to transfer into a major in the School of Chemical Sciences are strongly encouraged to attend an SCS Major Information Session.  During these meetings, students will meet with an Academic Advisor and learn about the necessary coursework required and GPA minimums (2.0 for Chemistry Science & Letters, Spec. Chemistry; 3.10 for Chemical Engineering).  If students bring a year plan, we can also review it and make suggestions.  Due to advising loads, we cannot hold scheduled appointments with current UIUC prospective major students. Students must attend the major information session then be able to meet at our Drop-in Express Advising sessions with our advisors.

Declaration Criteria

Students must have completed the criteria listed below in order to transfer into an SCS  curriculum. Please also read information for “Non-LAS” and “LAS Students” to see when you are able to declare, and any other requirements.

Chemical Engineering Declaration

  • Students must have completed the following prior to declaring:
    • Required UIUC GPA: 3.10 (based on at least one full semester of course work)
    • Complete 2 of the following classes: CHBE 221, 321 or 421 with at least a C in BOTH classes
    • A reasonable plan to graduate within the allotted 10 semesters with a CHBE degree
      CHBE requires students to observe CHBE class prerequisites for CHBE courses.

Chemistry Declaration

Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 in all courses applying to the chemistry major as well as a 2.0 in the required courses.

  • Students must have completed the following prior to declaring:
    • -CHEM 102, CHEM 103, CHEM 104 AND CHEM 105
    • – MATH 220/1 AND MATH 231

*Students not earning his/her required courses from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign must obtain written approval of the departmental academic advisor before LAS Student Academic Affairs will process the curricular declaration.

CS+Chemistry Declaration

New, effective Fall 2015:

Students must have completed at least two CS courses on this campus, excluding CS 125, with a B+ or higher in each course. Students must also complete two approved courses in the LAS discipline, with grades of B or higher, and have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.5.

Non-LAS Students (Intercollegiate Transfers)

If you are not currently in LAS and would like to transfer into SCS Majors, please view the information on the LAS Intercollegiate Transfer Website as you will need to attend an ICT meeting before you transfer into economics.

LAS Students

Please go to the LAS Declaring or Changing a Curriculum or Major Website for more information on the declaration criteria and the times during the semester you may apply. There are typically two periods each semester and one during the summer when you may declare a major in LAS.

Chemistry and CHBE Courses (Overrides for future SCS majors)

Most of our upper-level courses have restrictions (CHEM 3xx or higher) until after the priority registration period. All CHBE courses are held till after the priority registration period. All information about course restrictions are listed on the course explorer. If you have not yet declared as an SCS major, you will need to wait until the restrictions are lifted in order to add the classes (please check the Course Explorer- Academic Catalog to see information on restrictions and the dates these are lifted). Typically, our course restrictions are lifted once the priority registration period is complete and are open the Monday or Tuesday after the priority registration period. We offer many selections, so you will have the opportunity to add the courses once the restrictions are lifted, but we encourage you to register as soon as possible when they are open (we will not provide overrides to get into the courses).

SCS Advising Listserv (Newsletter, Announcements, etc. )

If you are not yet declared as an SCS student, but would like to receive information about upcoming events, opportunities, and to keep updated within the School and various Departments, you may add your email address by clicking here, email, or stop by our office. We also recommend that you connect with us on social media!

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