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James Scholar Preble Research Scholarship

Current Junior or Senior James Scholars involved in a research project during Spring and Summer of 2018 are encouraged to apply for the James Scholar Preble Research Scholarship!

The purpose of these funds is to provide incentive and support to outstanding James Scholars involved in undergraduate research (e.g., Department Distinction projects, research projects, etc.). Junior and Senior certified James Scholars in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences are invited to apply. A limited amount of funding is awarded each term to James Scholars whose academic enrichment proposal is judged most meritorious by the LAS Honors Council.

Scholarships are typically awarded in the amount of $500, although the Honors Council may adjust the award amount if they deem it to be appropriate for a particular application.

Applicants will be asked to provide a description of their project, an explanation of the funding being requested, an itemized budget for the project, a resume, and a letter of reference from the individual advising the research project.

Funds to support the purchase of research supplies and materials may be paid to your PI’s lab account at the request of the applicant following notification that their application has been funded. Funds to support living expenses, enabling dedicated research time, will pay to your student account like a typical scholarship.

Applications are due by Friday, February 16 at 11:59PM for BOTH Spring and Summer funds. The application can be accessed here:


This scholarship opportunity is specifically for Spring and Summer 2018 research.  There is another application opportunity in Fall 2018 for fall research funds.

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