Frequently Asked Questions

When you’ve completed the course at the other institution, ask them to send your transcript to the University’s Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Official transcripts can be sent through U.S. mail or electronically (PDF) to: Office of Undergraduate Admissions University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 901 West Illinois Street, Suite 103 Urbana, IL 61801 Currently electronic transcripts submitted through Docufile, eScrip Safe, and the Illinois Electronic Transcript Exchange (XAP) are accepted. Electronic transcripts can also be sent to etranscript@illinois.edu directly from the institution. If a transcript is received through this account from a student, it will not be considered official. Don’t deliver the transcript yourself — the Undergraduate Admission’s office will not accept transcripts directly from students. It generally takes about three to six weeks for the credit to show on your record; you can check your DARS report or Academic History in Student Self-Service to see if the credit has posted.
Express Advising (10 minutes or less) is open to all students. The schedule is on SCS Advising Express page. Students Interested in transferring to SCS should attend an Express Advising Session. Scheduled Appointments are for current SCS students only. Sign-up on SCS Advising Website. Minors: Students interested in an SCS Minor should attend an Express Advising Session.
https://apps.atlas.illinois.edu/FormBuilderSurvey/Survey/LAS_Administration/Student_Academic_Affairs/Course_Overload_Request/Course Overload or Underloads : Course Overload - https://apps.atlas.illinois.edu/FormBuilderSurvey/Survey/LAS_Administration/Student_Academic_Affairs/Course_Overload_Request/ You must wait till the Friday before school begins to add more than 18 hours. Students who do not take 16-18 hours in previous semester or have a less than 3.0 GPA may be denied overloads. Course Underloads must be obtained by going to 2002 Lincoln Hall in person.
If the Deadline to add courses has passed, the students can no longer use Self-Service to add a full semester course and this includes changing sections within a currently enrolled class. This also includes adding research hours or changing the number of hours of credit for your research. In order to add or change sections/credit for a full semester course you will need this form. http://www.las.illinois.edu/docs/students/forms/latecourseadd_102016.pdf Late Course Adds While section changes or adding research may be possible, please note that instructors/departments may be reluctant or unwilling to approve late add forms. Section Changes If you need to change sections, DO NOT drop your current course. Fill out the late add form and select “Section Change.” You will need the instructor signature and the department stamp/signature. Credit Changes To change the credit hours for a course, select “Credit Change” and put the number of hours down. This is typically only available for research classes. You will need the instructor/Principal Investigator signature and the department stamp/signature. ALL forms must be delivered to LAS in room 2002 Lincoln Hall. The College will then either process and add the course to your account or will deny the add/change. Students who are looking for a second 8-week course can look here. https://courses.illinois.edu/search?year=2017&term=fall&keyword=&keywordType=qs&instructor=&collegeCode=&subjectCode=&creditHour=°reeAtt=&courseLevel=&genedCode1=&genedCode2=&genedCode3=&genedType=all&partOfTerm=B&_online=on&open=true&_open=on&_evenings=on You do not need a late add form to add second 8 week or Part of Term B courses at this time.
AP exams have a tendency to skew the DARS report. Often DARS uses the CHEM 102/104 or PHYS 101/102 AP credit and not the advanced Illinois course. If you are showing fewer credit hours for the semester or for these courses: CHEM 203, 205, PHYS 211 or 212 it is because of this. This is typically fixed after you have registered for the spring semester and are meeting with your advisor.