Internships & Cooperative Education


  • All students are required to take one of the following courses during the Fall/Spring semesters. International students are also required to take one of the following courses during the Summer semester*
  • CHBE 202 (Cooperative Education Practice…CHBE students working multiple semesters with the same company, or even a Fall/Summer or Summer/Spring)
  • CHBE 210 (CHBE Internship…CHBE students working only one semester with a company)*
  • Chemistry 293 (Cooperative Education Practice…Chemistry students working multiple semesters with the same company, or even a Fall/Summer or Summer/Spring)
  • Chemistry 295 (Chemistry Internship…Chemistry students working only one semester with a company)*
    Course is an S/U course and it is worth ‘0’ credits…there is a mid-semester and final report due via email to instructor regarding your experience (what you’re doing, what you’ve learned, how it relates to your major, etc.)
  • LAS will no longer make exceptions on Time Tickets for students who are not enrolled in one of the above courses…instead, you will receive a Time Ticket at the end of Advance Registration for your classification.
  • There is an internship fee associated with this course (though not full tuition), but if your work period is during the Fall or Spring semesters, it allows you to maintain your ‘locked’ tuition rate, obtain the appropriate Time Ticket for Advance Registration, maintain your netid, and have the cooperative education/internship experience on your transcript. If you choose to enroll in additional courses (online or on campus), fees and other tuition charges will apply.
  • James Scholars: With advance approval, your internship/coop. educ. experience can count as an Honors Event for James Scholar Credit. With program notification, it can substitute for waived honors hours for pre and post certified James Scholars…but they do not appear on the transcript and therefore can not count toward College Latin Honors

International Students…

  • You must apply for CPT (which is not guaranteed, even if you accurately and completely submit the application)
  • You can only participate in up to (but not including) 12 months of full time CPT or you will lose eligibility to apply for OPT
  • To qualify for CPT, international students must have an internship related to your major and must enroll in CHBE 202, 210 or CHEM 295 (otherwise, you will be working outside of your visa status)
  • Obtain an ‘offer letter’ from your intended employer that includes name & address of employer, beginning and ending dates of position, hours/week you will be working
  • Take the letter to your Academic Advisor to verify the position qualifies for CPT. If yes, then complete the CPT i-START Application Form (found on the ISSS site) which will then be routed to your Advisor and then to ISSS who will create a new I-20…Note, you must allot FIVE BUSINESS DAYS for ISSS to complete the new I-20 and approve you for your internship/cooperative education experience. You may not begin working until the entire process is complete and you have approval from ISSS. CPT can not be ‘back-dated’ after you have already begun working.

Financial Aid…

  • If you have any loans, it is possible that a Fall or Spring internship/cooperative education experience will take away your ‘grace period’ (which would mean you’d have to begin paying your loans immediately upon graduation), so we definitely recommend you talk with the Financial Aid office prior to accepting a position.
  • In addition, participating in an internship/cooperative education position may impact your satisfactory academic progress (which could impact all future financial aid), so we recommend talking with financial aid even if you don’t have any loans/grants/etc.

Report Your Offer…

  • Please report your offer via the ‘Report Future Plans’ link here:
  • If you have a contract through campus housing, your Internship/Cooperative Education Coordinator will need to email housing in order for you to be released from your contract…be sure to contact that Coordinator and provide details of where the email needs to be sent as soon as possible.
  • Most students who live off campus will sub-lease their apartment for the semester (or not start the lease until later)
  • If you need a letter stating that you are still considered a student for your parents’ insurance to cover you, your Academic Advisor or Internship/Cooperative Education Coordinator would be happy to assist you with that.
  • If you wish to purchase the University’s student health insurance, you will need to complete the Extension of Coverage form available at: